"The Meeting" /// A Foreword (Fan Creations)

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Over three years ago, at the eve of Destiny 2’s release, I wrote a story of sorts involving my Guardians. A glimpse of my efforts to add seasoning to the often impersonal nature of a game where we are supposed to become “Legend”. I tell you now, it was of the muses that made me make such a thing. Made me make? Heh. A voice I had to write down, which than became a discussion, which than became what you can see here. It was a lot of effort for me to make so casually, but I enjoyed the exercise. I said to myself that maybe when Destiny 3 happens I’ll make another one.

When it became clear that Destiny 2: Beyond Light was ostensibly a Destiny 3, which occurred around the very start of September this year, I than very sporadically began to write. A little here. A little there. Unlike last time, I was the one who prompted this start, and I did so with a question. A Question of… reaction. Something that seemed very odd to me that no one else seemed to be asking at the time. So than of course after that the ideas flowed, and some things were added and some were cut until I found myself with something possibly (at times) quite good. Well, for someone who isn’t a professional writer anyway. Apparently we may have one of those here? Would love the input all the same regardless. I put a lot of effort in this sucker, for some dinky little fan-fiction with a few elapsed hours here and there. Please let me know what you think! I let this marinate as much as I could, but when you have a hard deadline, sometimes you can still get dry meat. Call it out! Or is this worthy of being official cannon (there is a Cody joke in there somewhere), say so!

Admittedly, if I had the time, I would have liked to break this up abit more, much like real lore is. Unless you’re engrossed within the events and conversations I’ve written up, it may feel like the story goes on forever. Yet, despite those flaws that I perceive, I think the merits of what I was able to bring together outweigh the bad. In fact, I think I’ve really outdone myself this time folks, and I’m not just speaking about the (at this point expected) sea of words I’m about to pop out of the oven.

Over 73,800 characters. That’s over 13,500 words.

My plan was always to post this upon this evening after the servers were turned off but, after seeing what we saw at Season 11 close, I kind of wish I posted it sooner. You’ll under stand why once you get to the end, should you dare survive this whole thing. I made the final finishing touches to this just yesterday! Spent the last hour or so formatting.

In any amount, what I have made is layered. You know, like an onion. I’m curious to see if y'all can pick up on the different notes I’ve written in. Mimicked, called out, and memed, but also done what I could to keep it as true to Destiny as I could. For a while there, I had no idea how to end this, even though I already “knew” what I wanted to do, which I suppose is par for the course in writing. But, again, after seeing what I saw this evening, I think I may have actually pulled it off! My Warlock got exactly what he asked for!


On that note, the Guardians of my Story, quite literally “My Guardians”, now have names as if felt it needed such for me to tell this story. Plus, I wanted to try and make this with minimal formatting tricks to help you know who was saying what, which at some times was very difficult to pull off. A word of warning… things get very oppressively bleak at some point in this story. If you are effected by such things, well, again here’s the warning.

Anything else? Um... shame this is too big to post on Reddit. And the last place this place needs is a Reddit hug of death.

Oh well.

Enjoy! :D

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