Europa is an Environment Masterclass (Destiny)

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We've had some pretty solid Environments to run about in the last few years. Be it the Dreadnought or the Dreaming City, they have been expansive and well rendered environments to which could host a variety of play. Yet Europa, in the few days I've had to play (we've had to play), I have found a long enduring itch being scratched and much much more. Long enduring. In Halo 2, there was (in one of the final sets of DLC as I recall,) a Multiplayer level called "Terminal". It was the one where a train would barrel through the map, obliterating anything in its path. Fun! Well, for one reason or another, this map made me dream. I would look at the doors and wonder what was on the other side.

We now return to Destiny, and with Europa, I now know what is on the other side of the door.

Europa is vast. No NO! You don't understand unless you have really explored it... it's VAST! It just keeps going. And by the time you find that "end corner" (as it can't go forever), you've made such a journey that there is no need to wonder what is behind yet another door. You've already seen so much. SO MUCH! And there is SO MUCH! Every single part of this map is an Halo Level Skybox of Glory! I really should have pictures in this thread celebrating this Achievement by the Bungie Artisans, but I'm not. They just wouldn't do justice.

Yet, on the same coin, if you have seen the LONGGGG standing, practically ancient concept art from Destines earliest days, you have seen it. Y'all they nailed it. NAILED IT! I admit at times I stopped in my tracks because I felt like I was walking in a postcard dream.

[image] || [image]
And I quote:"You Did It. The Crazy Son of a Bitch, You Did It."

Any of this is presuming you can even see it as the weather system whips up, which might I add is SO FLIPP'N COOL! I can't be the only person who, as they were trudging through the snow, at times felt like they were on Hoth right? Anyone? Oh... and a quick side-note while I'm referencing Star Wars. The main base in Rii... the place at the very top of the map, still learning names here, that base where you fight Eramis looks like Jabbas Palace. Just say'n!

Anyway, Weather System. There is more. It gets even cooler, pun unintended. When the Storm is at it's hardest, AND ONLY at its hardest... it effects your movement. I noticed this while I was on my Sparrow. At first I thought it may have been something to do with the ice, which would be cool. If that is the case, it would be the first time since, well, Halo, that ice acted like ice (even if our vehicles don't use traction in quite the same way). Turned out, once I stopped, that my Sparrow started drifting in the direction the Wind was blowing. That freek'n blew (ah crap, another pun) me away! That's so cool! I kind of want to see what would happen if there was an Europa PvP map that had this system in it. (Does it sync, or is it per person?)

Oh! And the Snow! For those not in the know, snow is hard. Rendering snow to look "right" is hard. There are a fair number of subtleties that you would miss cognitively, unless you had to make it. You know when it's wrong, even if you don't know why it is wrong. This snow is... *chefs kiss*. I could still nit pick, but man... it's great! I especially love the snow indent. Next time you finish a public event, look to the ground. Look how unsettled the snow is! It looks just right! It's fantastic! Granted, the tech might not be all that new, but who cares! Results! MMMM! Fantastic!

The only gripe I have is the transition between outdoor and indoor spaces when the weather is kick'n the sight lines to nill. It doesn't feel quite right to me. I don't feel like I'm shielded from the storm. Granted, dilapidated buildings aren't the best shelter, but I should still feel a difference. I don't yet get that yet. Maybe it's the sound design (more howling?), or maybe there needs to be some tweek to the effect indoors (less fog and more "snow dust"? A shaken building from the wind?), but all in all, Bungie... y'all earn a ton of criticism. (An old sniper at the end? Really? Who ever thinks that was ok, fucking fire yourself already. I know that's hella strong, but I'm so done with these inept choices that keep happening. If only you and your group were as S+ class as the Art Team.)

But you've earned this too.


Well Done.

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