It's the Essence that's killing me. (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Wednesday, December 23, 2020, 09:47 (28 days ago) @ EffortlessFury

I'm trying to finish up the six cookies I'd never made before so I can masterwork and reduce the Essence cost. Damn man, I really wanna enjoy playing Destiny but every time I log on I'm already tired. I just wanna finish the content.

I'm playing Genshin Impact right now, which is conceptually a much grindier game than Destiny, but I'm still happy to do so most days. I only need to spend like, 30 minutes a day tops of straightforward play in Genshin: Go do these four brief (5 min) commissions and do a few 5 min. dungeons. I'll play an hour plus of Destiny, having to figure out what activities to do to optimize my time/bounties, and feel like I barely scratched the surface of what I should be doing daily.

I was annoyed by lack of essence, at first, as well.

Then I found a post that suggested that the fastest way to earn it was Wrathborn hunts. I agreed that they were fast - from start to finish is a few minutes, max - but it was the buy-in (a Lure) that was killing me. This post, though, showed me how to get around that.

If you have just one lure, you're golden.

Start the hunt, make the first Wrathborn disappear. Find the post to continue the hunt, use it.

Once you're out of blackscreen, open your lure and reset it. (This will put the one lure, and whatever mods you added, back in your inventory.) It doesn't reset the current hunt, though. Finish the hunt, you get 15 essence (10 if you've masterworked your oven). You don't get any other rewards for killing the Wrathborn... but who cares?

I picked Xillox, because she's pretty close to where you start the whole process, so travel time is minimized. Xenophage makes really quick work of her (8 shots).

If you start to run out of ammo, plant a raid banner. Do this until you have enough essence for the cookies you need. (I did it for a couple of episodes of a TV show, and earned a couple of hundred essence - what I needed for whatever I was shooting for.)

The DEFINITION of grindy - but at least it's an efficient grind.

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