TWAB - 29th of April, 2021 | Glass & Full Weapon Tuning (Destiny)

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MEATY Update! @ https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/50287


One quick thing to call out is that the opening area of the Vault of Glass will now be a private space for your fireteam, so don’t expect any backup from wandering Guardians. You won’t be able to abandon the mission and explore Venus (as tempting as that is). There is only one way forward and that is into the Vault.


Heavy Aims.

Information on...

Plus Examples!

... so on so on interesting stuff about balancing until we get to...

Weapon Archetypes
(For full explanations see update)

(For full explanations see update)

(For full explanations see update)

(For full explanations see update)

The Future
Sometime further into Season 14, we expect to touch the following:

All Shotguns: We don't expect the change to the two dominant Shotguns (replacing Quickdraw with Surplus) and nerfing Quickdraw to really move the needle on Shotgun usage overall in PvP. We agree with some of the comments that weapon usage is not only dependent on tuning, but that map design is also a factor. However, we want more weapons to be viable on all maps, and we can achieve this through tuning, giving other Special weapons room to excel. Specifics coming later.

Dead Man's Tale: With the upcoming nerf to 120 Hand Cannon range, we expect to see a surge in Dead Man's Tale usage (which is already high). We had enough moving pieces in Season 14 that we didn't want to try to squeeze this in at the same time , but we have a change ready to go that reins in its ability to challenge Sniper Rifles, 120 Hand Cannons and Scout Rifles while in hip-fire without detracting from the fantasy of the weapon.

Fusion Rifles: As with some of our other changes, we don't want to bump these too much too fast, so will follow up if needed.

...then the TWAB finishes as is customary and there you have it!

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