Well that was fast... (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Friday, May 07, 2021, 10:42 (135 days ago) @ Speedracer513
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I guess. I get it. Maybe this is just an old man yells at clouds moment. Giving shit to streamers just feels like shitty community interaction, but maybe that’s just my bias against streamers coming through, too.

You do indeed seem to intensely dislike streamers in general...

I don’t hate streamers in general. Shit, I just got hit pretty hard this week finding out that three of the founding members of Giant Bomb are leaving the site, and they were mostly just streamers that had a connection to old games media. I watch plenty of people play Bloodborne and Dark Souls.

My disdain for streamers is exactly from stuff like this, where Bungie replaces actual community interaction with interacting with streamers as if they alone are the community and speak for all of us.

And I recognize that might not even be a real thing that’s happening, and it’s just a bias because it’s what I see because I’m not on any social media where I could even possibly see any other form of interaction.

I do hate Datto, though, fuck that guy.

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