7 Years! (Destiny)

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Apparently it's been 7 years to the day since Destiny 1 came out. I remember pretty clearly getting both my Xbox One and Destiny at the midnight release at a Best Buy - do they even do those anymore? I don't think I played too long that night - setup probably took a while, but I certainly played a lot the next day (actually looks like "just" six hours according to this helpful heatmap tool here).

I remember playing lots of Rumble those first few months, before I was able to join a VoG group and then segue into an epic blind run of Crota's End. Who knew we'd still be running VoG today (and still not getting Mythoclast)?


For better or worse, most of D1 for me is foggy, sans for the general highlights. I had alot on my plate early on, and so my time playing Destiny was earnestly sparse and sleep deprived. I either had time to play, which I would do in abundance, or no time at all.

I remember... having an acquaintance loan me his PlayStation so I could play the Alpha, which of course I made posts about. Shame most of the pictures I made on gone forever now. That said, I have to chuckle at myself here.

This event is to protect the Warsaw… or whatever.

lol... and then, seven years later, this REALLY hits home. I STILL want this in-game.

Here is the nitpick problem I forsee. ...

...While I was playing I got really attached to a weapon (which I upgraded to full). Since I liked the weapon I didn’t want to switch it because I didn't want to lose it in the swath of other weapons. For the sake of “get to the point” - I want a comments section for my guns. Yes I am totally serious.

Seven years later, with ALL the guns and kit... man. In game comments would be so helpful. Read the full note if you wish, but all said, it's utterly ridiculous that DIM can do this, but Destiny The Game # 2 can't. But whatever, I've ranted about this a few times since. Back to memory lane.

Then we got to the beta. And... oh hey look, I made a post about it. I even got to the "front page". Fortunately, since I uploaded my stuff onto the YouTubes, this post at least still seems fully intact surprisingly.

Uhh... have I always been this... bouncy? Rhetorical question. RHETORICAL QUESTION!!!

(From what I recall, it looked like the Ogre was protecting something, and I wanted to see what it was. This cave is currently blocked off in D2.)

And so the pattern would be with my long rambles, which if anything, were excellent practice among the to-me experimental nature many of them held.

But hey, good times. I remember the feeling of finally getting hands on the the full Warlock kit, and being so enthused by all the cool stuff. The Axion Bolt in particular at the time I looked to me that if someone died two more bolts spawned, and that just looked really cool to me. The environment art, which to this day is worth the price of admission alone to me. Zero ALWAYS being the sword bearer in Crota. The dreadnought. I never was able to climb to the top of that mountain in Rise of Iron.

I could probably add more points later, but that's what I recall at the moment.

7 Years. Understatement, but sure didn't turn out as one hoped, but... wow. What a ride. lol...heh heh, oh boy.

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