And I thought I was the forum curmudgeon. (Destiny)

by squidnh3, Monday, November 01, 2021, 12:45 (36 days ago) @ Cody Miller

Is it really that different? The "rules" of sports are just as arbitrary as the "rules" in an FPS. The only difference is that game physics don't need to mimic those in real life, whereas real sports are necessarily all governed by the same physical laws. But the rules are just as constructed. What happens when you get fouled, or cross two blue lines or whatever are just as arbitrary and exploitable as what areas you can spawn in. Spawn trapping is a thing, just like fouling the worst shooter is.

I think I agree, the difference is that most major sports have had much longer to evolve, and the rules have coalesced and remained mostly static for longer. Certainly there are rule changes to improve the games (like the NBA foul rule tweak this season), but on the whole the games have the basic back-and-forth well crystalized. Video games have difficulty reaching this level of continuity for many different reasons.

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