Story Time! (Destiny)

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It needed to be 1 Three and Thirty. Thirteen Hundred Thirty. But no matter where INSANEdrive went, the light was always measured a redundant result, keeping him at 1329. Thirteen Twenty Nine. One Three Two Nine.

And no matter where it came from, or how it was gained, no matter how he tried to spell it out and change the result, the light measured was always the same. 1 Three and Twenty Nine, the sight of which burned every time.
For the whole week both INSANEdrives Warlock and Hunter had been searching, trying to find that one particular armor piece that would get them at max light cap first. And both found them selves unable to do so, stuck at 99.9%.

For INSANEdrives Warlock, that 99.9% felt like it was one of the longest infinities of them all, when placed in rank somewhere between the droll of a cryptarch lecture and the drop odds of a raid exotic.

And it was making him kind of twitchy.

The Warlock checked his records for the week, and it was clear that most pinnacle activities for the week had been explored.

Raids, One Three Two Nine.
Dungeons, 1 Three Two Nine.
Iron Banner, 1 3 Two Nine.
Crucible, 1 3 2 Nine.
Nightfalls, 1 3 2 9.

Listed or not, they all came up 'nill.

He even tried a 1350 Lost Sector just to see if the exotic (that never dropped) could drop the needed light, to no avail.





Used up or unable to be lone wolf'd... except?

No no... it would end up being a weapon, and I needed an armor piece. Then again, thanks to the artifact, my light stands at a boosted 1350. Eh. Maybe it will be easier.

I selected Harbinger, and off I went jumping into a howling unknown I thought I knew.
The first half went by fairly swimmingly. Nothing too fancy, everything felt good. Still got kicked down thanks to a snipers well placed shot here and again, but all in all with the "poison" build I had with solar top tree, it was done and dusted. Even the jumping puzzle was trivial, as I had tripped and almost fell to my doom, only to use my super to recover and inadvertently put myself right at the end. Yeah really, jumping puzzle must have been less then 30 seconds. Clear case of couldn't of done it if I had tried, producing a happy accident as a result. #BestJump. All I had left was to take care of an add or two, one unstoppable champ, and the door was open.

So now the door was open and I did not know what was on the other side. I have heard that the end boss changed week to week in this Dungeon. I had heard that one week in particular was very very hard. I don't know what week, what boss this is, but with what I witnessed in this week with whom I shall call "the twins" it may very well be this week that was the hardest to do, let alone by ones self. And there was a delay to this realization. At first I thought these were orange bars, not yellow, as the battle brought many trash mob adds that distracted from what should have been obvious. I thought at first that I had to kill the two orange bars to spawn the yellow bars. This delay in realization was exacerbated by their tankyness, which at first I thought was the result of match game arc shields. Matchgame is not a modifier in this week, if it ever is for this dungeon.

TO which I should say, thank you Bungie.

It took me a moment, but I had to realize that this mode was different from 1350 Lost Sectors, which I think was throwing me off, as these two modes had the same kind of feel despite the differences. Once I understood that... the Warlock went to work.

First thing that was noticed; how these bosses shook off this seasons Fusion De-buffs. I can get 100k if I crit with my boss spec vorpal clown cartage Linear Fusion Rifle thanks to the Seasonal De-buff, but these suckers just seemed to eat the shots and kill me with the spit of the result. These twins were tank AF. Real Bad. Of all the things I've lone wolv'd, the twins must be some of the most hard core tanky bosses I've ever gone up against.

Fortunately, this Warlock has many "spells" for which to cast.

There were a variety of combinations tested, spell crafting different exotics and class skills. Dawn Chorus. Stormdancers Brace. Necrotic Grip.

Each had their uses, but they took too long, and each moment was a potential for instant death.

Then I decided on an old build, a very powerful void build, that I will admit looked like it would be successful enough for me to pull off, but it still took to long. I'm not going to mention the mods, but I can say that with Ruinous Effigy & Nezarecs Sin, survival was far more achievable. I was on the build for a good 20 min or so, maybe more, as it still really has teeth, filed down as they may be. But alas, still took too long, and the mechanics required were complicated enough that it left room for deadly errors. And yes, I even gave Mantle of Battle Harmony a spin, it just didn't jive.

I needed something simpler.

I fell back onto and old favorite in Outbreak Perfected, put on a different armor exotic that I had on character and mulled over my options.

In retrospect, The Fourth Horseman would have been probably a better pick with what my final loadout would be, but convenience overrides efficiency here, as I did not have this shotgun on my character at the time.
What I did have though was Duality, Karnstein Armlets, a Warlock Blade with Infinite Guard and one very powerful Solar Middle Tree Well-Lock built on making sure that if death was near, I had a backup plan.

Even with the odds stacked on survival, I still managed to get downed. Snipers man, sheesh. But I was sure the problem wasn't in the build, but in the execution of what I had to do to pull off what I could do... and then... and then I had a breakthrough...

FYI I did die after this at one point.

Do it all over again.

One down again... than...

After all this, what did I get? Did I get an armor piece?

HA! No, of course not. I got a 1330 Memory Interdict, and a 1329 Hawkmoon with Arrowhead Break/Alloy Mag/Moving Target/Combat Grip, which has to be one of the worst most redundant rolls I've ever seen.

Sigh. Why has Bungie made a game that so reliably mocks effort? I swear it must be an unconscious fetish inadvertently coded into the game.


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