Issue with Xbox game sharing (Gaming)

by Oholiab @, Monday, November 15, 2021, 12:51 (20 days ago) @ cheapLEY

Set the One S as your Primary console (Home console, I think is the terminology Microsoft uses) for your account. That will allow your son to access any game you have installed on that machine. And you will have access to those games on the Series X because you’re signed it.

I suspect that when you set up the Series X, it got set as the Home console for your account.

We have a similar setup. The Xbox I typically play on is set to “away”. This means I have to be signed in if someone else wants to use the games purchased under my account. It’s also set to automatically log me in for convenience.

The other Xbox is set to “home”. Anyone can play stuff I’ve purchased without me being signed in.

The catch is that to play online together, you need two Gold memberships. So a typical scenario in our house is: Accomplice and Crazymoose want to do a raid. Accomplice has a Gold membership so he uses the “home” Xbox and can play Destiny 2 that I purchased. Crazymoose uses the “away” Xbox where I’m signed in, and my Gold account allows his profile to get online.

Clear as mud?

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