Two New Destiny Drinks—Thorn and Wavesplitter!! (Fan Creations)

by Morpheus @, High Charity, Wednesday, December 01, 2021, 09:53 (872 days ago)

Hoo boy...that discussion about war suddenly got heated. One minute, I see a back and forth couple of replies and the next, it's a massive argument. Insane had the right idea. ;-) And if I do indeed get banned for linking this, I can't possibly find it in myself to blame any of you. :-D

I guess it's a good(or bad?) thing my next drinks are alcoholic!

After all that stuff with the hospital, I was so eager to get back to creating videos and being able to DO something again.

So I did a drink double feature and made the Thorn, a red wine drink sure to poison your Light, and a Wavesplitter lemonade remix as a tribute to my favorite D2 hotspot and now a dear treasured memory, Titan.

The Wavesplitter is so easy you officially have no excuse! Try it!!!

Hope you guys enjoy. I've got two, maybe three more drinks to make and then I'll pretty much be out of recipes...

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