Xbox 360 + ODST? (Destiny)

by Kermit @, Raleigh, NC, Thursday, January 06, 2022, 14:20 (924 days ago) @ Pyromancy

I'm looking to possibly give ODST one last spin online on the 360 before the Microsoft Legacy Servers get shut off on Jan. 13 (from what I've gathered)

I'm actually really confused about this point. The news around this topic is presenting the matter as though online play will be totally disabled for these games, but the chart from 343i/Microsoft only seems to suggest that some of the centrally-managed services (such as matchmaking) will be shut down. It's not obvious that online custom games and coop are ending, and it would be pretty weird to shut them down anyway since they don't (or at least shouldn't) rely on any Halo-specific XBL server resources.

The only thing ending for ODST is fileshare support. Playing Campaign or Firefight will be completely unaffected.

Well, I'm confused too which is why I tried to couch my statement with "from what I've gathered" because I'm as lost as anyone and getting this info through hearsay in the community. The date was on an official-ish looking Powerpoint slide but doesn't specify which services or gameplay types are affected. Its all unclear to me and I'm so far removed from the community-at-large.
I appreciate the input from you guys.

Nonetheless I'd still like to give 4-player Campaign a go because I never experienced it. In '09 I played 2 player co-op with my best bud but we never had the drive to fill the lobby or connect up ghost controllers on temporary profiles.

I'll commit to one night a week until we finish. First video game priority is making sure I've earned my Destiny triumph shirt, though. Unfortunately, I've got time to play only a few times per week these days.

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