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Hi there! The main informational chunk in this weeks TWAB was a drive-by info Molotov. I'm going to quote it here in full and then, in rare fashion, I'm going to add my immediate thoughts and findings intermixed with this. If you just want to read the full chunk on it's own first (along with everything else), two of the links above will take you there.

Artifact Mods Update: *Insert Orbs Meme Here*
Artifact mods have been a huge talking point in our community and with the next Season, we’re making a few changes that will bring back some popular anti-Champion mods while also making some tweaks to the way Masterwork armor works. Here is a rundown from the team on what players can look forward to in Season 16:

Team: One of the consistent pieces of feedback that we have been wanting to act on for a while involves the unlocking of Artifact mods. Starting in Season 16, players will no longer be limited to the number of Artifact mods they can unlock. This means that players could feasibly unlock all 25 Artifact mods by the end of the Season! While we have made some small adjustments to the amount of XP required to unlock Artifact mods 1-12, in general, the pace of unlocking these first twelve Artifact mods should be close to what we’ve seen in Season 15’s Artifact. For each unlock after the 12th, increased XP will be required for the next Artifact mod unlock, so the choice of which order to unlock mods still requires some decision-making. And if you change your mind? You can still reset your Artifact and make your picks again.

When it comes to the Artifact mods themselves, we are bringing back a few perennial favorite anti-Champion mods, including Anti-Barrier Scout Rifles and Bows, and have done some work to make disrupting an Overload champion (which can be done this Season with Auto-Rifles and SMGs) more reliable than in previous Seasons. We’ll also be highlighting the new Glaive weapon archetype coming in The Witch Queen through a variety of Artifact mods (including an option to make your Glaive the solution to Unstoppable Champions) and have a few new Artifact mods that will enhance some of the new weapon perks.

Great! Good to know about Scouts and Bows, and the change with the Artifact seems rather common sense. Rhetorically, Why wasn't it like this before?

To take a little bit of pressure off your vault space, we are also making some adjustments to the way Masterwork armors work. Starting with the launch of The Witch Queen, you can change the energy type of a fully-Masterworked piece of armor for a much-reduced cost. A fully Masterworked piece of Legendary armor can be changed to another energy type for the cost of 10,000 Glimmer and one Upgrade Module, while a fully Masterworked piece of Exotic armor can be changed to another energy type for the cost of 20,000 Glimmer and one Upgrade Module. The costs for changing a piece of armor’s energy type before it is fully Masterworked remain unchanged.

So... yes, mine eyes did perk up a little with the first sentience. And the nature of needing to keep different armors with different elements has been a something that takes up space, unmentioned. This is something I've needed to take into consideration. If anything, seeing this dares give me just a subtle touch of... what is this feeling? Hope? Well, what a MADMAN, THAT's not allowed. Something something "Hope for the Future" something?

As for their available solution presented, I'm kinda 59.8/40.2 about it. It's a very simple and doable change. Some of us may go "why is there a cost for anything", but no doubt there are the reasons, I don't want to even speculate. Here it is. My concerns, my hesitation is how... more valuable, and algebraically more expensive things are. This change makes Upgrade Modules far more valuable to have on your person even after you go higher light, as we know it. Thus my Rhetorical question here is; How do you get Upgrade Modules? And there you see range of true theoretical costs built in this change.

Closing out, we are also making a change to the way Guardians create Orbs of Power with weapons. Elements of the new weapon crafting system will encourage you to use many different weapons and ask you to burn hard-earned Masterwork materials on a weapon that you may only be using for a few hours, just to generate Orbs. That … seemed like a tall order. This, combined with our desire to act on consistent feedback that players want to be able to generate Orbs of Power with Exotic weapons that do not yet have catalysts, led us to the implementation we’ll be using in The Witch Queen and beyond. Orb generation on weapon multikills will no longer be a function of a weapon’s Masterwork status but will instead be provided by a suite of armor mods, which are unlocked automatically for all players and which plug into the Helmet Armor Mod socket. Each such mod will apply the Orb-generation effect to all weapons you have equipped of a particular damage type, so a single mod will cover multiple weapons in your arsenal if they share a damage type (this also applies to a weapon that changes damage types, like Hard Light, or a Kinetic weapon with Osmosis). We will continue to create exciting Exotic catalysts over the next few Seasons, but in the meantime, you will be able to generate orbs with Cloudstrike, Thorn, Thunderlord, Tarrabah, and any other weapon in the game.

This part has been the divisive one. I myself have nothing to say. At first it looked like The "Monkeys Paw" strikes yet again. More and more options are getting CRAMMED into 10 available energy slots, and suddenly what used to be passive changes up a part of the game. If you've jumped around the reddits you've no doubt seen the chatter around this (don't like it), and also there has been chatter about the quest to say only enough. This is due to the after posts on twitter, which I shall finish with here for your convenience and consideration.

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