"My Vault" prevents playing Destiny (Criticism)

by INSANEdrive, ಥ_ಥ | f(ಠ‿↼)z | ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ| ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, Tuesday, January 11, 2022, 12:15 (868 days ago)

Worst of all, this isn't as much of pure hyperbole as it should be.

I've been really feeling the title here as of late. It really is starting to feel that I've just about reached a critical mass in ever the Tetris style of "Game Over". Somehow in these last few years, and particularly in just about the whole of Beyond Light, I've managed to keep kicking the can and keep playing. Somehow I've managed to keep playing despite the continual (and obnoxious) requirement to open a 3rd party UI/spreadsheet where-in I've contrasted and compared what I've earned/rng'd to what I've already gained (which I should be able to do in game en masse). This is something I've pretty much needed to do at least once every reset cycle, but can be often more depending on playtime and activity type of that cycle.

Then the 30th Anniversary Content Update dropped, and man oh man is it feeling like a Bungie coup d'état against whatever space I was managing to keep. A "Return of the Sith" against my recent posts here about different sites that aim to help thin the herd, as Bungie does nothing (and says nothing) about vault space and its interconnected problems.

Caption: D1 in its 3 years got more updates with its Vault then we have in the... going-on 5 years of D2.

I'm at the point now where weapon wise, it feels like the game wants me to squeeze blood out of a stone, "because loot". I can't even enjoy what I've had drop, as there is always another drop I have to manage, and things get lost or moved around and... oh man. I said I wasn't going to rant until after Witch Queen, and I'm doing my darn-est not to. So instead I'll say there is a part of this player whom is tired of the chase, just let me cook up some builds with all "the loot" that I have.

I have SO MANY amazing rolls and use cases, but it's hard to move things around and really dig in because of this darned loot monkey on my back throwing shit at me, and it's not just blues!

I would like to note, this isn't the first time my vault has affected my play, as I couldn't play Gambit Prime due to the "Set of Armor" requirements required for full playtime effect. Cool idea, but I could never enjoy it as I had no room THEN to hold on to ALL the kit so I could play with the styles and perks!

So how has it come to this point here?

Well, the ones I've really been feeling as of late I've posted here, with the catch being I don't yet have a solution in mind to what Bungie can do about the "Trophy" problem. Something something "Guardian Apartments" something?

For starters, with the light capped at 1100 in " " " "COLLECTIONS" " " " (don't get me started DON'T GET ME STARTED), I'm required to keep exotic weapons at light in my vault. THIS NEEDLESSLY TAKES UP Space in the VAULT! At my current count in vault, it's 38 slots. 38! It's bad enough that I have to hold on to Armor Exotics for their Stat rolls (96 slots at current count in vault), as well as the two exotic weapons with RNG, but the need to keep Static Exotic Weapons as well just for the sake of a power rating is really kick'n my Vaults butt. I don't even care about the hur-big numbers that are attached to some of them at this point, as DANG it... I need space so that I can just DO things.

On that note, Raid Armor.

It has a lot of the same issues as Gambit Prime (GP) armor does, with exceptions. The exception to be noted is, unlike GP armor, you don't need the full kit. This is very helpful, further booned by the selective mod system. After that, much like GP armor, you need to have kept your kit so that you can use the perks in the exact raid. That's (right now anyway) potentially 4 different raid sets per class. Oh look at that, kinda like Gambit Prime.

As a result, this effects what character I play with in raids, as I recently recalled one week ago playing Garden with my Hunter. I've only been playing raids with my Main (Warlock) as it makes the most sense between a playtime and slot stance to get that raid gear. And that sucks, as I had fun playing with my Hunter, but I had to shard that kit. I don't have room. I can't have room. I have all these considerations... slots and mods which ebbs into elemental affinity, and then! That doesn't even count what ever stat roll. It's just... bleh. I just want to play dang it. Make it so that if I transmogrify to raid gear, it becomes that raid gear. It gains that slot. Probably a bigger ask then I presently fathom, but hey! Got any better ideas?!

But the big thing... THE BIG reason I think I have come to this point here is... despite all the stats, I can never get a feel for every drop. Think about this folks, do you test EVERY roll you get? Speaking for myself, I've been forced to roll the dice on stat odds alone, but those odds are "will this feel good to play with" mixed with "what does this perk (3&4) combination bring to the play". Statically, I have some great weapons thus the spread sheet is king... and I'm just. It's not fun. The PLAY is lost in all this... noise.

It's not fun. I've been doing this loop for over a year, and I'm feeling just done with it.

I've tried to offset this with tests in the wilds of the Cosmodrome or (even wilder) PvP, but there is so much stuff, too much stuff, and I just... I just can't. It's at times like I'm not even playing, just continually testing things I might not even use so I can have slots open to get more stuff I might not even use, or even rarer, might use. Ooooh... did you feel that? Déjà vu. I think I might have said something similar to this before.

All in all, there is always more, and I'm not all about that. Destiny shouldn't be either, this... heh, "loot game". If the rumors are true and Witch Queen is as much of a mega content drop as a whole new year/expansion is to be anyway, then... man oh man. I just... I don't know. Coup d'état meet diabolical coup de mâitre.

TL;DR Bungie; if you're not going to aggressively expand the vault space, then at least condense it so that what space which is allotted isn't needlessly filled up. There has GOT to be something y'all can do before Witch Queen to help with this. Y'all got so much on your plate, and there is all these moveing parts, and I'm sorry, but Gosh Darn IT, it really feels like you've been kicking this can too. Someone please please please push some QoL stuff to the top! WE DON'T with in reason NEED NEW CONTENT! (You understand yes? I hope you do.) WE NEED Organizational and Space based QoL Updates! We are...

... away of from Witch Queen, and I don't know what can be done in that time, but something needs be done. This sucks.

Even just the ability to infuse things with out it needing to be on your characters inventory would be a big deal. Sometimes the shuffling around kit is just as bad as the endless loot clogging the pipes in the first place. If I could infuse stuff straight from my postmaster, boy would that help things.

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