Another Piece Deleted From My Heart... (Destiny)

by Morpheus @, High Charity, Monday, February 21, 2022, 21:24 (819 days ago)

It may not have been my favorite planet...but he was by far my favorite vendor. An alien after my own heart, so to speak. As soon as I met him I instantly found myself enamored by his succinct barbs and clever and careful use of 'terms and conditions'. I found a great kinship with him, similar in so many ways: we both prefer to negotiate our way out of a hairy situation instead of getting our hands dirty; we both have a great deal of knowledge, and our ego of such is even greater; we have a fascination with how things play out, watching from the sides; our curiosity in the obscure; we're shamelessly crafty and manipulative; we're always willing to supply what someone needs...for the right price...we're even both heavily obese and suffer from a deviated septum!

...well, I used to. Down to 245, and no snoring. ;-)

But I filled out my postcard for that purple stretch of rocks chained together, and I'll always treasure the smirk that permanently lit up my fave whenever I heard that rousing drum roll...or when I joined him in his gleeful cackling laughter.

To the king of the Smugglers...I'll miss you forever.


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