Datto is right. Right? (Destiny)

by Kermit @, Raleigh, NC, Friday, May 20, 2022, 18:44 (40 days ago) @ INSANEdrive

Seriously, clear it out. You don’t need so much shit, I promise.

And yet...

Yesterday I needed to make a build. I needed a grenade launcher with blinding, vorpal, and lead from gold. And I had it. I got flawless in Master Vox Obscura yesterday, and it is in part because I had the right tool for the job. As of late I've been working on building up (through tough choices of replacement), weapons with Osmosis, as Element matching is growing in importance. I got a slug shotty with it just the other day. I have no idea If I'll ever use it, but if I do, I'll surly be glad to have it. And so it is. With all 390 of the legendary weapons I have at my disposal. Frames. Perks. Elements. It's all there, ready to be implemented on a whim.

TL;DR - If it's in my vault, there is ultimately a darned good reason for it. Being able to call up a permutation of need is a power in its self, and as a veteran I have things that are impossible to get now.

What you say, what every one who has ever said to this effect, is right. But is also stupid for saying it. It is the "I should buy a boat" of explanations. The "just be happy" to the depressed, necessitating a response of "Thanks I'm cured". I'll stand by what I've said before... you may be the wisest of us all by not giving a fuck about your vault and just enjoying the ride (when Bungo allows). But that shit just ain't my bag.

Part of the fun in this game is the many ways I can change how it plays. I'll be spamming the site with videos soon. If you even dare to watch the sheer number of them I'll be posting here, you'll ultimately see a number of different variations I... just chose to play around with that day. And it's because of what I have to make my play.

I daresay that you, more than most, take advantage of the possibilities of this game.

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