S16 Video Spam - Part 2 (20 Videos) (Destiny)

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I admit it. This here "Part 2" post is happening just a touch farther away from the last one than I would like. Back in late may when I posted part 1, I sat back and dared to say "I have time". And, I must ask openly; WHY DID I SAY THAT! I'm smarter than this! You see, Part 2 (A.K.A this post) was mostly already done. Just a few more clips to add, and off I go to post. But then, HOLY SH-MOLY, life gets all busy in a real hurry and now here I am almost flirting with early august posting clips I made from last season, while this season is almost over. Oy vey.

Well, then, enough Chatter then! Look! I played the game and did things (last season)! BEHOLD!

- - -
Ok, so this next set of clips require some mild set up. This is a clip of my game soft-crashing, of sorts, which is why I was able to make a clip of it at all. In this clip, I'm in the final stage of working on a build. As a rule, everyone of my builds has a different "look", not only because I find it enjoyable to do, but also because it makes it easy to make sure that "Yes this is the Build I wanted" from D.I.M.

Ya can never be too sure otherwise.

So with that, here is the clip. Follow up after.

Did you see it? Something on the screen when the game crashed on me, does not belong in this numbered variant of Destiny 2.

The Icon by the legs is gone! What could it have been?

Well, I do have a guess. Strikes me that in the code is SO MUCH testing hidden in the lines, and something peeked through for some reason. If it's something of a past test, or something we'll see in the future, I know not. But, it's pretty obvious that "engram" thing is why my game stopped sending all its frames.

And so, now, I have one more thing to show, and by show I mean showboat. Can't talk about how "everyone of my builds has a different 'look'", and not show you what I ended up finishing up on!

Fresher than the Morn'n Dew! ;D
- - -

... and now some particularly SMOOTH AS BUTTA ARC-STRI-DAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

Sidenote: HOLY SMOKES! That play was smoother than Skippy. XD


It's not Intended. It's totally Intended. ;D ;D :D yeaaaaaa.

Sometimes I wish the Xbox would let me capture more then 1 min (like it used to) after the fact. This game was one of those times. Oh goodness, WHAT A BACK AND FORTH! :D

Just like old times.

And with that... I still have more. ._. From last season. And don't get me started on all the stuff I clipped in this season (17). SO!

That's your warning. Have a nice day.

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