S16 Video Spam - Part 3 (11 Videos) (Destiny)

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The Exotic Helm description of Apotheosis Veil is as follows; "Immediately regenerate health, melee, grenade, and Rift energy upon activating your Super. Nearby allies recharge class abilities faster."

...And then... there was THIS PVP game...

This group of Randos were particularly aggressive. A tea bag here or there. And... we went back and forth. I was "in the zone" on this day for PvP (hence why I'm in the more competitive mode), and I was showin' them up here and there. What ever they gave I could give back with interest. And this one guy, that "marcel" fella with the Mythoclast (which I still don't have) was getting ALL sorts of personal about it in the play. We went back and forth, and I 2/3rds of the time was able to pull out win through some sort of guile. And then, this happens...

Full text after.

It's a tie game. This round is for all or nothing.

As seen in the video, I found myself in a corner, 1 v 3. And, when I pulled it off... full stop, out of my seat. YEAH! WOOO! And can ya blame me? I thought I had just one man finished the game. And I was ELATED...until I realized the game wasn't ending. And I looked up and saw one more person.

And then that high went - *POOF* - in a hurry. Because I realized, not only had I pulled myself out of "the Zone" in my elation... GUESS WHO WAS THE LAST GUY?

It's the guy with the Mythoclast. And where was he? I'll tell ya. He set up a tent, and camped on the tie spot (the outside bridge). And on this spot, this formerly cock sure tea bagging playboy was sittin' on a bag of his own shit. How do I know that? Well, maybe it's how this kid just had his finger glued to the gosh darn'd trigger. Granted, I did just nuke everyone else he was with, so, frankly it was a good play on his part, but MAN. Night and Day.

Couldn't get close enough to zap'em with my Sidearm fusion, so I had to use my bow. Outside was too risky. Try as I did, between those walls and the... basically it was covering fire on his part, I just couldn't get (what felt to be) a safe-ish angle. So I had to risk the fatal funnel in the center. I'd have more cover, but I'd also be closer to the Vex.

It just all sucked.

I was able to get one shot. Needed one more with the bow to seal the deal, but... maybe you guessed the outcome already, Vex sprinkled me with 12 Herbs & Spices and fried me. And yes, then Jr. did come over and commensurate the celebratory Lipton dip, made all the worse since he smelled like shit.

It's always the idiots with the Spin-to-Win weapons. >_> ...anyway... a story of Highs and Lows done, MORE VIDEOS!

...and not before.

What did ya think was going to happen?


This Bubble. It's Mine now.

...and that's it! That's Season 16 A.k.A "of Risen", which ended May 23rd.

Solid Season, and I have to say some of my favorite clips of recent years are in this batch. Hope y'all enjoyed. ^_^

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