THAB--Iron Banner Changes, new game mode. (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Thursday, August 04, 2022, 16:13 (3 days ago)

In This Week At Bungie, née Bungie Weekly Update, they dive into the Crucible.

TL;DR: Rift is out for Iron Banner. It will be added to the Weekly Rotator playlist at three points during the season. It's also coming with some bug fixes (namely not being able to dunk the Spark if you pick up right next to the Rift). In future seasons there will be more changes, including experimenting with a 3v3 Rift mode.

Someone reset their Iron Banner rank 17 times last season, and someone else racked up 133 hours of Iron Banner. Hi, Claude!

Next season, Iron Banner will be a game mode called Eruption. It's Clash mixed with Juggernaut from Halo. When you are not on a kill streak, everything is normal. After going on a two kill spree, you will glow and gain additional ability regen and every kill will count for 3 points. Once you reach a five kill spree, you become Primed, which grants everyone on your team increased ability regen and your team goes on the hunt. You get marked on the HUD for every player, and you get a 15 second timer. When that 15 second timer expires, you erupt (I swear if you don't actually explode . . .). Getting additional kills resets the timer. The enemy team gets 3 points for killing you if you're Primed.

Eruption will apparently be in Crucible Labs to iron out any game breaking issues before it debuts in Iron Banner.

They also hint at Season 19's Iron Banner mode:

We will definitely come back to Control and Rift for Iron Banner in the future but expect a familiar mode with a unique experience in Season 19.

Anyone have any ideas? Supremacy?

Next, a new Exotic Weapon Ornament. The community will vote for either Arbalest, Sweet Business, or Rat King to get a new ornament, which will be designed by a community artist.

Here is a quick look at the full process:

  • Community votes on which Exotic to pick through email starting on August 16.
  • Community artist creates three weapon ornament concepts for the winning Exotic.
  • Community votes to pick their favorite weapon ornament concept.
  • Winning weapon ornament goes into production and is released in-game as early as Season 21.

Player Support shit and weekly videos end the update.

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