That's Just Heartbreaking. (Off-Topic)

by Morpheus @, High Charity, Friday, August 05, 2022, 14:34 (2 days ago) @ Korny

He always had the most hospitable of moods, even when faced with more and more terrible news. Coug absolutely had the perseverance and determination that I wish I did during our recoveries.

We climbed the Mountaintop together in Destiny 1. No one else. Just him and me. It was one of my fondest memories. That, and helping him get Xenophage.

I'm so saddened by this loss, knowing that he was doing his best to beat the hospital and find a place that could take him for therapy.

I used to pounce on him all the time in parties since he always—always—seemed to eat with his mic unmuted, like "Dude! We can hear you!".

Right now I'd give anything to hear that crunching in my ear...

I've got your res, Ron. We've a few more mountains to climb. 😇

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