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by Kermit @, Raleigh, NC, Monday, October 10, 2022, 15:28 (647 days ago) @ cheapLEY

It is a fantastic show so far. The best Star Wars has been in a long time. I love watching Jedi swing lightsabers as much as anyone, but this is what I’ve wanted out of Star Wars for a long time. It’s a big universe, it’s about time we explored more of that doesn’t directly connect to the Skywalkers.

This show feels like what the prequels wanted to be.

I may not give the prequels that much credit.

It’s engaging with the politics of the daily life of people in Star Wars in ways I didn’t think Disney ever would, and I love it.

I love the scene between Karn and his superior--it's nuanced, and would not be out of place in The Wire. And it's not just politics (thankfully, because life is more than that), it's engaging in the lives of real, complex people who have a history that runs deep in this universe, and the script smartly hints at these huge icebergs below eye level. At one point Cassian says, "you should find a less complicated woman," but just about everyone is presented as complicated. Even the asshole corporate cop at the beginning is genuinely grief-stricken at the death of his partner.

It's disorienting how good it is. I feel like I got into a Beetle, but it's driving like a Rolls Royce.

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