How’s life? (DBO)

by Kermit @, Raleigh, NC, Tuesday, October 18, 2022, 07:37 (642 days ago) @ Morpheus

IMHO, Morpheus, I wouldn't expect mainstream dating sites to address your loneliness. Right now you've got some obvious deficits as compared to healthy people, and those sites are literally comparison engines. It's not that people are necessarily mean or superficial; it's just harder to break through in that context. I applaud your effort to connect (it's something we all need), and I recognize you've got some obstacles that might keep you from being out in the world, but speaking as someone who also has obvious deficits compared to "normals," real life is probably the best context to show others what makes you a person who is fun to be with. Just a reading.

A few more thoughts: is there a support group you can join? Is there some group activity you can participate in where you can meet new people (and they can see and hear you)?

There is a virtual support group I'm in for heart patients, but as you can guess, all the members are in their 60's up. Not that I'm not open to possibilities, but they're all married for decades with kids that are almost as old as I am.

There's also a weight loss support group, but I am literally—and I do mean literally—the only one there.

There are a few Meetup groups in my area, but most of them are for business or ESL. The only one that really applies to me is a card game Meetup. Again, all long-married elders.

It's....definitely uphill.

Also, I think something's wrong with my e-mail, I haven't gotten any notifications from these responses today.

I don't remember precisely where you live, but maybe tell the people in your heart group that you of course appreciate them, but you're also looking more interaction with your peers, and ask if they have any suggestions for meetups or volunteer opportunities that their children are involved in. I'm sure it's a drag only interacting with 60-somethings. The horror, the horror.

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