The Strand Subclasses (Destiny)

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For the longest time I've been, well... I think y'all may have seen that I've not been all that plused in what has been seen to entice the hold outs (like me) to throw down the cash for the Lightfall expansion. And after seeing the Weapons trailer the other day, which I'd describe as BLAH for me, I was thinking that my heart might just be totally spent on Destiny.

This trailer has successfully de-fibrillated my fandom heart.

And so...

So then... first things first. The Warlock.

I mentioned recently that one of the things I've been writing up is "A Deeper explanation in my thoughts upon Warlock Gameplay". Did not mention this then, but one of the reasons why I have yet to post it here is because in my current draft I dedicate A WHOLE BUNCH of words to HOW IMPORTANT it is to both comprehend the art of animation (to understand why I think as I do) and why First Person hand animations are so pivotal to Warlock "feel". And how it became this way. I really dig into the art of animation, what it is I am seeing, as I can only presume that most of us here only have a even a most casual, consumptive glance to it. And so I really push in as needed for later contexts. But I've done it SO MUCH so, that I've been concerned that the amount of words I gave to the subject would be distraction to the main point and reason I bring it all up at all.

Work in Progress.

Animation is, much as a Warlock kit should be, Magic.

The ability to, if done correctly, make with any form of ANY shape and give into it "life", is as Warlock as we can actually get in this real. You get to ask questions like, how would a candlestick move? How would it walk? How would it jump? And despite how unusual and benign to the point of nonsense such questions seem, the ability to answer such questions as these can bring forth the illusion of "feel". And while not in a vacuum, as sound has a BIG part to play too, sound is (I think) far more intermodal, to where Animation brings... focus.

And so, with that said, guess how I felt when I saw in this trailer the... Oh, how shall I call it? The... "Scarlet Witch wibbley-wobbley fingers" from the Warlock portion? Wellwell, WELLY well well well.

Gentlemen you had my curiosity ... but NOW! You have my attention.

As for the rest?

Hunter right now is giving me a "ranged" Arcstrider Vibe. So...uh, if you've read any of my posts with some amount of frequency, you know that means I'm thinking I'm going to hate it. Obviously.

And Titan? Honestly?... I'm getting sonic vibes. Knuckles game-play to be specific. It's the speedy auto-aim punches. I'm... quite sure I've seen that in a sonic game, game cube maybe. So yeah.

So that on top of all the chatter... I'll admit, I'm intrigued.


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