Today (2.13.23) 5,300 Words: Lightfall and the Year Ahead (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Monday, February 13, 2023, 12:32 (230 days ago) @ INSANEdrive


Weapon Crafting is, whole cloth and with out question, one of the BIGGEST & BEST gameplay choices ever put into this game. I'm not going to spend time right now to write out fully why. I get y'all are having to parse out demands from the idiots like me who want to play not grind, and idiots who like the glittering bullshittery that is the RNG Slot Machine — but, not to discount what is also mentioned but not quoted here (such has a plan to "enhance" certain RNG rolls), this is not the way.

This is a tough one. I really enjoy weapon crafting for allowing me to just make the gun I want instead of relying on RNG. However, it does feel a little bad. I have obtained a few nearly perfect guns, but they still feel completely useless, because I know within a week or two I'll have the pattern and and will be able to craft the exact same gun with better versions of the perks and maybe fix a masterwork stat. It's not exciting to get a good gun if there's a pattern available.

We’ve also noticed that enemy combatants just aren’t hitting as hard as we want them to, especially against max resilience Guardians, so we’re adjusting the amount of damage resistance granted by resilience and increasing the energy cost of resilience mods from 1 to 2 for minor mods and 3 to 4 for major mods.

!... so... D1 Beta Skill bad guys? Am I reading this right? Will Patrol have parts of the map that are a "hard mode"?

This is the best change. Bringing Vanguard Ops and Patrol close the Battleground Heists as a baseline difficulty is exactly what this game needs. Both activities are fun on paper, but have become so brain dead that all sense of enjoyment has been long gone for me. Making that content actually engaging is what I've been asking for for a long time now. I still wish they'd go further with Patrols (I still want a Division 2 style modifiers and dynamic difficulty, but that is asking a lot, I know).

IN-nnnnnnnnnnnnteresting. I think... I mean we still have a light system, but if there is no movement of a cap, than it's like its not there yea? I dig it. It'll do for now.

Yeah, we're of the same mind here. Sounds like they might actually be working towards eliminating power level, but, if not, I can handle one power climb every year with the big expansion and then not having to think about it for the rest of the year.

Man. So then... what's the point to Lost Sectors then? It was a GOOD change, and fun. And it's so rare to have a proper LONE WOLF Challenge that actually had an objective at the end of it worth going for. Worse part about it was the RNG, but this doesn't address that so... ugh. Mannn. :/

I'm with you here, too. The Lost Sector method of getting new exotics was great. The drop rate simply isn't good enough for chasing better rolls on already owned exotics. I played for hours trying to get a better Starfire Protocol and didn't get a single one. I then got three the next evening doing a GM Nightfall. I hope they're working on Lost Sectors as a method for actually targeting better stat rolls in some way, otherwise I'll just never do another one again.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been playing a bunch of Heist Battlegrounds, and every so often I’ll get matched with a pair of folks that I have a lot of synergy with, and we will end up absolutely crushing the Hive infestation. This joy has come with this tiny sense of regret that I’m not living just a few weeks in the future and able to pass along a couple of commendations to show my thanks. I can’t wait for Lightfall to be in everyone’s hands so we can all have the opportunity to show gratitude to our fellow Guardians.

I really feel this last paragraph. It's a shame this didn't come about sooner, as I was helping so many folks... but now? My schedule is totally different and now I'm just another blueberry. Eh. Ah well.

Heh, I've never had that experience, I and I was doing a lot of those earlier in the season. If anything, it made me rethink how viable increasing the base difficulty of Destiny is. It's not like Heist Battlegrounds were all that difficult, and I still feel like most of the time my random teammates spent more time either dead or just contributing nothing than anything else. I spent a lot of time feeling like I was doing all the work instead of working with competent teammates.

Also, man, that Mars Heist as a GM Nightfall is gonna be something.

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