Today (2.13.23) 5,300 Words: Lightfall and the Year Ahead (Destiny)

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Weapon Crafting is, whole cloth and with out question, one of the BIGGEST & BEST gameplay choices ever put into this game. I'm not going to spend time right now to write out fully why. I get y'all are having to parse out demands from the idiots like me who want to play not grind, and idiots who like the glittering bullshittery that is the RNG Slot Machine — but, not to discount what is also mentioned but not quoted here (such has a plan to "enhance" certain RNG rolls), this is not the way.

This is a tough one. I really enjoy weapon crafting for allowing me to just make the gun I want instead of relying on RNG. However, it does feel a little bad. I have obtained a few nearly perfect guns, but they still feel completely useless, because I know within a week or two I'll have the pattern and and will be able to craft the exact same gun with better versions of the perks and maybe fix a masterwork stat. It's not exciting to get a good gun if there's a pattern available.

Perhaps this is expected, but I disagree. Nothing could be more exciting than getting a cool roll, and saying "I don't need this" and getting rid of it. I can do this because I'm not going to lose ANYTHING in my gameplay by doing so. If that weapon is craftable, and I have the pattern, it's in lock. I don't have to think about it, I have it, and I can pull it from my this "craftable" collections whenever I want. OH YES! YES! YES! I'll have what collections once had, and that's AWESOME.

By the way you know what I use those RNG craftable weapons for, should they be interesting enough? A preview.

How many times have you seen a roll that looked really cool, but once you had it in your hands - na, not for me. Or the synergy just didn't work right or... whatever it may be. It would have been really nice if you could try before you buy right? Put all that "effort" into the grind or whatever it may be, and find it just doesn't work out. Well, with the RNG craftable weapons drops, now I can try before I craft! It saves a lot time for me, and it's quite helpful.

Again, I find myself mentioning about time savings so I can go an actually play and stuff. WHAT A CONCEPT!

You gotta remember, this shit ain't Pokémon. We're not (nor do we have the space to) try and "get them all". Ask yourself, what is the point of getting all this "stuff", this "loot"? Why is "everyone" goin' after their a so called "Godroll"? It's FOR THE PLAY that weapon, with it's perks and effectiveness, can provide. But! The thing is that this "META" can change on the whim of an update — SO WHAT'S THE FUCKING POINT! *LOL*... it's, ridiculous. And I've got too much real shit to care about to "grind" like I used to, and you know what - THANK FREEK'n goodness (oddly enough). I am SO over the "chase". Give me Story, give me some cool way to make explosions, give me a way to make the approximate fun I want to play around with on that day, and that's basically it. "How can I blow things up in a cool way today" or "How can I be an effective player for the team" or... whatever else. Not "I have to grind 12 hours for this gun roll", ugh. Wasteful.

I mean, look, I get it. Been playing this game long enough that I totally understand the sweet hit of that surprise, the bump of glee when you appraise a weapons perks and find it interesting. Shit, I've been meaning to post this so why not here? With this last Iron Banner, I got a God Roll Slug Shotty. Look at it. It's a thing of Beauty.


It feels SO good to use. Snappy and responsive to boot, and even has the ability to give me wall hacks and tell me when someone is in range... which, I mean, it doesn't need to since I have ALL the range basically but... yeah. But, it would be better if I could craft it, because then if I needed to, I could change it. Note, the play here isn't in getting the gun, it's PLAYING with it. Anything that helps get to that play with out this outdated bulk that Destiny needed at one point to "fill the gaps" is a win in my book.

Also, man, that Mars Heist as a GM Nightfall is gonna be something.

Bungie: "Ok, you asked for it."
Us: Ok, let's test out that new LFG... awwwww. :( ...:P (Dev time is a magical thing.)

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