Happy launch day thoughts! (Destiny)

by Korny @, Dalton, Ga. US. Earth, Sol System, Tuesday, February 28, 2023, 23:37 (419 days ago) @ bluerunner

I haven't got that far and I have already lost the desire to finish it. It's a mix of confusing, boring, and cringe.

I played through the obligatory story mission so I could start the seasonal stuff, and... Just the story mission burned me out, and I couldn't even bring myself to hit the launch button on the EDZ Heist after visiting the farm. Like I told Fooch, as much as I know I want to get the ornament set for my Warlock, just knowing that I was about the launch the first of 500 Heists to grind that stuff out, knowing there's a weekly lockout that'll keep me from seeing anything of substance... I just sat there for a minute, messed with my only Loadout, then shut the game off and Sammy and I went off for a drive instead while we waited for Genshin's server maintenance to end.

Ace and Gary with their surfboards feel like some weird crossover from another game.

Between Not-Rohan having a (literally?) phoned-in voice actor and even lazier writing (Woo-hoo? Stay Frosty?), I feel like I dodged a bullet this expansion. Bungie's been bad at dialogue since day 1, but I wish one day someone would look at a storyboard, doctor a script, punch up some dialogue, and tighten up the graphics on Level 3 when it comes to storytelling.
I can NOT believe that something as abysmal as Atomic Heart has more cohesive and layered storytelling than Destiny's big expansion. Like... Jesus Bungie.
Have any of their writers ever heard a real conversation between two people? Are these people that introverted?

I dunno. I'm pretty checked out of the main story until next year. The grind up to power level without the campaign boosts is gonna suck, so I don't even know how much time I'm going to dedicate to Destiny before the final month of the season (especially since I just accidentally bought NieR: Replicant, lol. Beware your wishlists on PS5! They apparently get automatically added to your Cart when the item goes on sale!).

On a final note, While the Buildcrafting system was very straightforward, it feels more limiting than ever. Breaking apart mods to all use the same timed Armor Charge timer and stored charges, and making them all Element and Armor-piece specific has severely neutered versatility. Adding an arbitrary use-it-or-lose-it timer to the entire build process has also thrown unneeded anxiety into the mix. It's honestly the single biggest misstep in recent memory. Like, are we doomed to monitor the bottom left of our screen every five seconds forever now?

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