Raid Group Loadouts (DBO)

by Claude Errera @, Thursday, March 09, 2023, 09:16 (413 days ago) @ INSANEdrive

For any of us here whom intend to raid in this week, what load out are y'all going to use? Are y'all going to use strand, or go for more tried and tested builds?

That's it. That's the post.

It's unclear at this point; I'm doing my best to get a lot of content up to raid-ready levels (which, granted, isn't very high) because I don't really know what route I'm going.

I'm definitely gonna try Strand, even though I don't like it much - the infinite suspend powers of a Strand Titan are hard to resist.

My Thundercrash build is ready for boss damage, though, and I've got my trusty solar build for the times when I just can't stay alive.

So... a little of everything?

Weapons I'll probably rely on: Hung Jury/Monarch/Retrofit Escapade works nicely against lots of champs, and leans into the void/volatile stuff the artifact offers. I can't quit my Gjallarhorn - I know it's not meta any more, but damn if it doesn't still save my butt a lot. And Forbearance has earned a place in my heart for its astounding add-clear capabilities... it'll probably see some use tomorrow. I had high hopes for glaives, especially with the unstop artifact mod... but I've found that stuff hits really hard if I'm close enough to use a glaive. On some content, they work great... but endgame stuff, it seems I'm asking for trouble. With my playstyle, weapons that let me hang back a little farther make more sense.

I have scout rifles of every flavor, and I'm happy with all of them - Triple Tap/Incandescent Staccato-46 for solar, Explosive Payload/Dragonfly Doom of Chelchis for void, Killing Wind/Voltshot Tarnished Mettle for Arc... I guess I don't have a Strand one, because there isn't a Strand one, but I'll live.

I've seen some folks doing wonderful things with Quicksilver Storm - I'm not deep enough into Strand building to have tried it seriously yet, so I probably won't use it tomorrow... but it's on the horizon, I guess.

Oh, yeah, Arbalest. Forgot about Arbalest.

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