Guardian Games Crucible (Destiny)

by squidnh3, Wednesday, May 10, 2023, 10:02 (26 days ago) @ ManKitten

But relative to the topic, it just seems that in PvP, the hunter has always been the weakest class. Now that this playlist exists, will data back that up? Every game against Titans it's just nothing but shotguns and shoulder charges. Against Warlocks its wells and pulse rifles.

I guess as a hunter I can do a backflip?

This is definitely not true. Personally I've found, on average, Hunter to be the strongest in PvP purely because of the dodge being so much more useful than the rift or the walls. Of course, I also play Hunter the most.

It's hard to evaluate this because of the many circumstances where certain classes have had overpowered abilities or Exotics. Titans were certainly very good when they were wearing One-Eyed Masks during that time period when it gave you an overshield for getting kills. Hunters were super annoying to play against when Shatterdive was ridiculously good. And Warlocks had the full powered Hand-Held Supernova plus an unkillable Super that had a radius death attack that worked through walls when Forsaken came out.

Anecdotally, my K/D on my Hunter and Warlock are very similar, but my K/D on my Titan is 0.2 lower (last time I checked, haven't looked recently). But I so rarely play my Titan, I really don't have a go-to build and often try things I see others do that I haven't practiced sufficiently to be able to pull off myself.

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