Bungie jeopardizes Last of Us Multiplayer (Gaming)

by ManKitten, The Stugotz is strong in me., Wednesday, May 31, 2023, 07:30 (125 days ago) @ electricpirate

(Destiny 2 is very good and a large part is because it uses a live service model well IMO)

I agree with this. It uses the live service to tell the campaign/story while keeping the ongoing playing universe up to date and ever changing.

Other games like GTA and Red Dead have AMAZING campaigns, but aren't at all related to the multiplayer experience. I loved both campaigns but don't give a crap about the online multiplayer experience.

Call of Duty, I love Warzone but don't give a crap about the game itself. The multiplayer sucks and the campaigns have become stale. The part I love, Warzone, is super fun gameplay, but even then, things get really stale after a while. They don't do a good job of keeping things fresh. There's no interest from me or anyone in my group to work the battle pass, or do any objectives, and the story they are trying to tell is just obnoxious cutscenes we can't skip.

Destiny is a world that we all are a part of with TOOONS of options and ways to play it. Despite the issues, Bungie has nailed it.

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