It's finally time to post my bad fanfiction. (Destiny)

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\\\To: CMDR Zavala
\\\From: GDN K-14

The Vanguard’s priorities are woefully misplaced.

I don't ascribe it to malice; they simply do not understand the grave reality of the situation. Calus, Eramis, Savaathun, the “Witness” - all of them pale in comparison to the menace that stirs beneath the crust of Venus, to Atheon.


Over Time’s Conflux, there is no victory; only an unending stalemate. The omnipresent threat represented by the Vex is absolute. They do not perceive time as we do, to them it is malleable, a vast ocean that they have already explored and conquered long before we ever imagined they might exist.

The question is often asked “If the Vex have such power, why do they not simply wield it to eradicate humanity at a time and place when it was at its most weakened?”

My belief is that they don’t see the point. They have a singular, far more pressing objective to devote their resources to - and from their perspective, they are about to achieve it.

The Vault represents the culmination of a path; for untold aeons, the Vex have slaved away with malevolent purpose, an nigh-endless sequence of calculations embedded within calculations, with a simple, terrible goal: to weave their essences into the fabric of reality so that the line between them and everything else is indistinguishable.

Think about the processing power of one of our city’s supercomputers. Now imagine what technological advancements we might make to augment and multiply that power over tens, or hundreds of millennia. Now imagine converting practically all the matter on a moon, or a planet, into the components required to build these titans of computation. And then doing it again, and again, and again until a thousand worlds are churning through probabilities and searching for the solutions to your goal.

This is the capacity of the Vex. This is what we face. This is our doom. And yet…

What forces led us to discover the Vault, the greatest triumph of the Vex, none of us here know. But we do know this: It is here that we can stop them.

In this sliver of reality, Atheon is vulnerable. He is assembled by the Vault (nurtured, perhaps, is a better term), to be the tool the Vex can use to achieve mastery over time, space, everything. The apex of their experiments and creativity, if you can call it that. But at this moment, in this singular timeframe we access when we enter the Vault, he is not so powerful that we cannot undo his construction.

This is where the preparation and mastery of the Vex gifts them a significant advantage; Time does not flow in a linear manner within the confines of that space. From our perspective, Atheon is being compiled at every point in the grand swath of time, simultaneously. If even once he is able to complete the work of the Vex unopposed, that’s it. They win. All we have fought for in Humanity’s meagre existence is for naught. Anything that is not them is less than a memory. If nothing else, the Vex are patient, confident in their eventual victory.

And so we raid the Vault. Today. Tomorrow. Next week, next year, we send Atheon to the depths, over and over again. Given enough time, we may discover how to combat their plans some other way, some genius solution of technology or trickery.

Until then, we must bear this burden; Prove to the Vex that in the here and now, Guardians make their own Fate.

\\\To: GDN K-14
\\\From: CMDR Zavala

You’re right, I don’t understand it. I don’t think any of us can.

Regardless, your attached request for the allocation of a dedicated six-man fireteam has been approved. We may be able to funnel more resources into this matter at a later date, but I personally don’t see that happening for a long, long time.

Tell Atheon I said “Hello.”

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