What do we think will happen? | Season 21 Edition (Destiny)

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I'll throw a *SP* out, just in case.

After the finale this week. What do we think will happen? I'm still trying to figure out how the Vex and time travel all fit into this. All of the "enemies" in Destiny have had a purpose and goal...except the Vex.

Fallen: Reclaim the light and blessing of the Traveler.
Cabal: War mongers bent on total domination and resource control.
Hive: Cursed to destroy all things for the sake of survival.
Vex: To find the correct timeline...for something? [INSANEdrive Note: Look up "Maya Sundaresh".]

We learned that The Witness was basically an entire race embodied into one entity.

We've allied with Fallen, Cabal, and now apparently looking to ally with Hive? to stop The Witness.

So what of the Vex?

What I think:

I wanna note real quick that if it wasn't for this trailer, I'd still have some bits and pieces that I wouldn't know what to fill in. But thanks to that, and the recent game changer story info, I think I have a decent idea of how this is going to shake out. I wanna give props to Bungie for not having "Light" and "Dark" being some morality construct, as we certainly have plenty of those in games, which is fine, but... as a result, what all this "Paracausality" blah blah ends up being is...

By the way, for those out of the loop, the darkness is "heart" in this instance, though in game it's more about constructs of ones own sentience. Hot-take: I think ghosts are actually darkness based, not light based, or maybe even a mix of the two. You know, the whole thing of "Guardians don't remember" is telling of other in world things.

As for the Witness, well... if going to be some standard "I don't like X things so therefor lets get god-like power and shape the world in my own ideals" blah blah, well than think Thanos, but more superheros. Oh my goodness wouldn't it be cool if Bungie could allow the back end up and up for some PURELY ONE OFF, 12 man raid for this madness?! #NotGoingToHappen

Anywho, it's a classic "dude(s) want a purpose, so they make their purpose to destroy all ability of purpose" jumbo. Overcomplication of meaning, blah blah, when the truth is basically "Just don't be an asshole", but that would require introspective and... yada yada yada. What do you do with yet another flawed god?

“You never said a thing to me,” I snarled. “Not once. You never told me I was doing wrong. At least Clarity sends me dreams—the exobody and the eel. At least it shows me what I can become.”

“You think Clarity sent those dreams? Why would it speak to you, when you are dead and furthest from its influence?”

“Liar.” I howled. “You never did a thing to help me. Not when my son died. Not when my granddaughter fell ill. I had to do it all myself. You never even spoke.”

“The best voices,” she said, with infinite grief and unending hope, “never let themselves be heard at all. This lesson is worth teaching again and again. The choice is never mine. It is always yours.”

~"NOTE-THIRD VISION" of Clovis Bray's Logbook — Missing Pages

How does it end? No idea, short of this... Cataclysmic Change. I'm talking "Thanos wins a 2nd time, and doesn't remember" big. They have to, Bungie that is, reboot things after this saga wraps. This is me cheating a bit, as "it's just a game bro" which allows for certain presumptions to occur. And one of those presumptions is... how do you put the genie back in the bottle? Well, one way to do it is... the genie never left. OR! Things are so new that... there was never the bottle in the first place since, keep in mind, "Paracausality". It is because it is to be, not because there is a reason to be. And in the hope of this far too stretched, far away thing... we'll find ourselves "once again" on that hill. The same, yet, different.

"We have to get moving", our Pouka tells us, "The Kell of Wolves has our scent, and his arc abilities are not to be discounted. And this blizzard does not help our chances. We have to get to The Last City."

[image] [image]

Granted, this is one of the farthest and most presumptive overreaching stretches I can have short a discussion with someone at Bungie, whom would hold in their hand my NDA'd John Hancock, but then I couldn't say anything anyway. All in all, I don't see this game continuing without some sort of mystery, and solving the magic is a big deal. As far as I'm aware, we still don't know what "The Nine" are all about, but... I just don't see that as a draw. How do you be bigger than Thanos? Marvel is still trying to figure that shit out, and I don't think they are going to do it. You can't beat theme fatigue, and if you try to beat fatigue, you just drop dead. It's... the same problem as Bungie has, right? The stream of content model?

And... that's as far as I'm going to stretch as if I go any deeper, I would only be providing concepts and off-topic yammering. Also, I'm forcing myself to cut a lot of stuff I'd want to write, since I have other things I want to do today. Thus:

TL;DR: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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