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by cheapLEY @, Tuesday, July 25, 2023, 20:30 (66 days ago) @ Korny

I am more impressed every time I play. I rerolled Losomn in Adventure mode and got a new set of encounters that were really neat.

I also keep coming away with more appreciation for the bosses. Seriously, it seems like every single one starts with dying a few times and me saying "This is actually horseshit, how the fuck are you supposed to dodge that?" And then a few more tries later, we've figured out their patterns and get through it. Not many games I've played can actually ride that edge like that in a way that feels so good.

I'm trying to avoid watching a bunch of videos and looking a bunch of stuff up, as much as I want to do it. There's a lot of joy for me in just stumbling into something. I figure after I've been through every world at least once I'll just start looking at stuff (or at least looking at which items are available and where they come from so I know where to target my adventures).

I know the Dark Souls comparison is played out, and despite everyone calling the first Remnant "Dark Souls with guns," I didn't find it that apt of a comparison. This game is closer to that, I think, just for the sheer amount of secrets. In a lot of way, this does that even better, which is pretty impressive.

This year has a been a real banger for great video games, and Remnant 2 is right up at the top of the list (with Dead Space Remake for me).

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