State of the Game, August 2023 (Destiny)

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Bungie posted their latest State of the Game today.

I'll just keep my mouth shut, but there's the link for those that haven't seen it.

Well, where's the fun in that?! We've got a quota to fill man!

Eh... I actually just finished reading it. For me there are two things I'm going to highlight right now;

The Final Shape and its raid will provide a climactic conclusion to the Light and Darkness Saga before we look ahead to what comes next in Destiny 2.


In Season 23, our upcoming Fireteam Finder (LFG) feature will be the silver bullet for players who’ve never had a full fireteam to run endgame content before, including raids, dungeons, Master-level activities, and more. And in The Final Shape, we’re making big changes to the progression system that will help to connect even more players and remove barriers keeping friends from taking on the same content together. We’ll have more info on that in the Showcase.

Peck more at this thing, I suppose, at some point. Then again, for once... maybe I won't need to. The way this "State of the Game" reads... woo boy. I think Bungie needs a break from Destiny too. lol.

That showcase better be "lit", or it's just going to be fire y'all.

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