Now to "Peck more at this thing". (Destiny)

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MEME: Bungie, after posting the "State of the Game August 2023"




There is... an odd catharsis in seeing that, yes, it isn't just you. EVEN IF IT'S OBVIOUS!... just coming by the words, set by set, is such an odd way to bring about this feeling of the soul breathing in and exhaling deeply out this sigh of relief. And man alive, it's been a wild deal being on the "other side" (in a way) of the rant in this last 24. Not just from "DestinyTheGame", which is... what is the opposite (of sorts) of a salt flat? A salt abyssal?... at this point, but from the "big name" gets-invited-to-bungie-shindig streamers/youtube folks. Datto, Aztecross (Feat. Les), CammyCakes, Paul Tassi, TDT, ... just to name a few. But no one, I think, has absolutely NAILED IT, like CoolGuy has. And yes, I am asking y'all to get comfy and podcast through the 25 minutes run time. Speed it up to 1.5 if you must, and hit this end to end. Don't jump until it's done.

It's one thing to call out the -WHAT SHOULD BE- obvious, but it's another to also bring into simple words the lingering problem that has plagued Destiny increasingly since it all switched to a "seasonal" system. Cool Guy bringing not just the Business Perspective, but also the FLAW that the system. This Disconnect between Developer and Player. In Money and Blueberries. This... overall pulsating Gangrene which has been on and off suffocating Destiny 2 for years.

Thus, here is what I think is, end-to-end, the best, most reasonable take on all of this. Not just the "State of the Game" post, but Destiny 2 at large.

*Chef Kiss*

Thank you, CoolGuy.

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