If you have GP Ultimate, Dead Space Deluxe Edition is $8 (Gaming)

by Korny @, Dalton, Ga. US. Earth, Sol System, Tuesday, December 05, 2023, 11:34 (78 days ago) @ Korny

A bunch of you may have received a gifted copy last night. :P

But yeah, one of the best games of this year is available for dirt cheap, so if you have Gamepass, go ahead and not only grab yourself a copy, but gift one or two to a couple of friends who don't have GP!

Dead Space Digital Deluxe Edition for $7.99

The Digital Deluxe edition includes the full base game and a number of cosmetic skins for Isaac.

*Note, do not confuse this for the similarly-priced Deluxe Edition Upgrade. Which is a separate, less fun purchase that only includes the skins... Which are fun!

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