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by Leviathan ⌂, Hotel Zanzibar, Thursday, February 13, 2014, 16:05 (3723 days ago)


Dearest DBOers, my brethren...

I'm really proud to show you something that I've been working on for quite sometime, and that has been rumbling around in my head for far longer: my first original comic series, entitled "Mayflower".

Halo: A Fistful of Arrows was my first attempt at a long graphic story, and I loved every moment of it. After taking most of 2011 to make it, there was a sudden emptiness that set in following the completion of the last page. I should have immediately jumped into my next project with the confidence and energy I had, but instead I kicked around a number of freelance gigs and failed collaborations, and spent too much time trying to capture the eye of sought-after employers. I was continually frustrated by where my career was and where it was going; a man can only take so many rejections or week-long jobs that won't pay for groceries! So I decided in 2013 to stop feeling sorry for myself and make what I wanted to make. If this tricky career is going to get the better of me, I might as well be making something I truly love and believe in, right? After some health challenges, and Mayflower remaining a symbol of hope through them, I'm ready to spend 2014 realizing my daydreams. So far, so good...


Mayflower is a story of spaces between people and between planets, depicted with bold colors and thick lines, and intentionally rooted in the optimistic art direction of golden-age science fiction. While the first issue is really only a glimpse at the longer story, you'll meet a number of the main cast and explore Commonwealth-controlled Earth. In coming issues, you'll meet many more and varied characters, take a step into the void, and explore a fully-colonized Sol System... But I'm getting a head of myself!

[image][image] [image] [image] [image]

Mayflower #1 - Digital Edition is now for sale at www.MayflowerComic.Com for $1.99, in DRM-free PDF, CBR, and ZIP formats. You can read a 10-page preview from 2013 there as well, to see if it's something worth spending a third of of a Jimmy Johns sandwich on.

But I understand if it's not. Jimmy Johns IS delicious...

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