Size of markets (Destiny)

by uberfoop @, Seattle-ish, Thursday, May 08, 2014, 11:29 (2821 days ago) @ SonofMacPhisto

So 172 million consoles out there, give or take, with likelyhood of growth.

Be careful with those numbers. The number of actively-gaming PS360's out there is nowhere near 160M, plenty of people who have both consoles won't double-dip (making those numbers effectively smaller), and the existence of eighth-gen versions has seemingly been making people very nervous about buying the last-gen versions (cross-gen multiplats have been seeing pretty low sales on PS360; the argument that the "big install base" should cause seventh-gen versions to outsell eighth-gen versions hasn't really been holding up).

On the other hand, if the PS4 has kept up the sales pace, it's probably near 8M by now. The XB1 5M numbers were "sold to retailer" numbers, but I wouldn't be surprised if the machine has sold through comfortably over 4M at this point. The eighth-gen consoles are selling decently, especially PS4, and their numbers mean more since the sales numbers are almost entirely users who are still actively gaming on that platform.

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