The sun? - Update (Destiny)

by NsU Soldier @, Washington, Thursday, February 21, 2013, 18:04 (4114 days ago) @ Hedge

I asked Urk if the kanji "sky orb dawn light" could be interpreted as "Morning Star" or "Rising Sun" and he said they were both very close.

Ideas anyone?


Asked a few good friends who are familiar with Japanese kanji and they said the second character is "pearl", not "orb". So the first two translate to something like, "Heavenly Pearl".

They were unsure of the third character as it's tough to make out. It probably is "dawn", but one of my friends suggested it might be a seal, not a character.

The last character doesn't look too much like "light" to me, as it doesn't seem to have a jutting line in the upper right, and the lower right 'hook' seems to be a straight line. It could be though, it's a little tough to make out, tbh.

Anyway, hope that helps a bit. :)

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