So, about the dancing... (Destiny)

by GrimBrotherIII, Thursday, July 17, 2014, 08:54 (3605 days ago)
edited by GrimBrotherIII, Thursday, July 17, 2014, 09:00

So this might sound a little crazy... and might even come across as a bit of a killjoy - or dare i say - party-poopery? But i just have to get it off my chest...



Hear me out - i get that it's silly, and fun, and jovial, and it's an MMO thing and blah blah blah... It's just that it simply does not make ANY sense to me, for Destiny - And i'll tell you why: Throughout the long hype-building journey leading up to this incredible new IP the team at Bungie (imo) have done an incredible job of trying to create an incredibly IMMERSIVE, engaging, next-gen SciFi gaming experience for players, and have set a beautifully epic and serious tone for the overall feel of the world...

And for me, "Obligatory Tower Dance Parties" just really ruin all that - for example: When my Guardian returns to the Tower from an arduous trek through the perilous destinations of the alien-infested planets of our solar system - weary from battle, clutching grand treasures from the golden age that he acquired on his journey in his blood-soaked gauntlets, only to be greeted at the Last Safe City by a bunch of rainbow-faced idiots gyrating in a big rave circle on top of the Vanguard's long table... I have to admit I'm kinda pissed because immersion just kinda went out the window for me...

Needless to say, i will be attempting to engage in much more mature Tower activities, such as looking for the finest shaders for my Wears and Armaments, browsing the most menacing looking LMGs, and Deej-style slow-walking with the Grim Brotherhood down to the shipyard to peruse new Flux Capacitors for my Starship.

But i want to know how YOU, my beloved DBO community feel about dancing in Destiny... do you worry that it will break immersion for you and taint the overall feel of the game? Or are you already loading up the Vanilla Ice A-Track in preparation for the imminent rug-cutting your Guardian will be partaking in as soon as your bedazzled boots hit the ground?

As always, i love you all. Even you, Cody.


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