Oh. THAT Refresh button... Shit

by NsU Soldier @, Washington, Tuesday, February 12, 2013, 09:17 (4125 days ago) @ Louis Wu

Just a quick not to make it clear that almost NOTHING will be done on this forum in the next week. I'm leaving town, and there isn't any way I can work on it while I'm gone.

It MIGHT get nuked when I get a chance to go over what works and what doesn't... but that won't be for a while.


Haha, I didn't think anything was going to be changed rapid-fire anyway, this is still a prototype after all. :)

Inspired by the 'nuking' yourself and ZackDark speak about, instead of a circular arrow button with the word "refresh", it should be a radioactive symbol with the words "post reset" or something.*

*That is, if a mini cityscape with "Welcome to Blue Town." is out of the question.

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