Blame the fear of failure (Destiny)

by iconicbanana, C2-H5-OH + NAD, Portland, OR, Friday, December 12, 2014, 11:04 (3206 days ago) @ Slothboy

It does highlight for me one of the other issues with Destiny though, there's no real risk of failure. It's dramatic that the guardian is in rough shape and may die, but the game itself has no such tension.

Hell, you were revived after being dead for 100's of years. What's a bullet hole in the ribs going to do? She'll respawn and the enemies will respawn and Sisyphus will keep shoving that boulder forever.

I didn't actually fully understand that problem until I saw that comic.

Quite frankly, that's a problem with games in general today. Look at Borderlands, a series I enjoy but which only penalizes death with the excise of a small percentage of the game's currency (which is worthless at endgame). I actually think that Destiny is one of the better offerings of late in that it at least offers one mode (Nightfall) where the penalty and challenge are significantly higher than industry standard.

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