New Penny Arcade Destiny Comic (Destiny)

by Leviathan ⌂, Hotel Zanzibar, Friday, December 12, 2014, 11:11 (3512 days ago) @ Slothboy

It does highlight for me one of the other issues with Destiny though, there's no real risk of failure. It's dramatic that the guardian is in rough shape and may die, but the game itself has no such tension.

Hell, you were revived after being dead for 100's of years. What's a bullet hole in the ribs going to do? She'll respawn and the enemies will respawn and Sisyphus will keep shoving that boulder forever.

I didn't actually fully understand that problem until I saw that comic.

If your Ghost is killed or weakened - you're dead. We see this happen to a few (I think - at least one!) Guardians and their Ghosts during the main story.

As well, the Grimoire relates a few of the Guardian's experiences while dead, waiting for a Ghost to revive them - and it does not sound pleasant!

There may also be an issue with a Guardian dying and their Ghost not being able to get to them in time if they're somehow removed or trapped/imprisoned. We see a few Ghosts relate the death of their Guardians, so I think that may be the case.

I think it's cool that Bungie has weaved respawning into the lore of a game in such a creative way that could lead to a lot of cool stories. But it would probably help the tension if we witness some Guardian characters get killed off in the future, as opposed to just finding them afterwards.

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