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by option2401, Thursday, March 14, 2013, 09:13 (2669 days ago) @ GauntMkII

I'm the same, I love seeing a character I customised appearing in cutscenes or just walking around in the game world. It was cool when if was just armour with Reach, but it was even better with games like Mass Effect or Guild Wars 2. Dragon's Dogma is another good one, notable in that you can customise a second character as well as your PC :P

That being said, I seem to remember reading a second-hand summary of a magazine stating that faces will not be customisable in Destiny. If that's true, I'll be rather disappointed.

Ditto on all counts. I got a kick out of seeing my Cousland in all of the Dragon Age: Origins cutscenes (RIP Emric ;( ), and Noble 6 as well (RIP Unnamed ;( ).

And my Commander Shepard (RIP Jared ;( ).

And my WoW character (RIP Haddren ;( ).

And my Dragonborn (RIP Rollan ;( ).

And my... Well, you get the point.

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