by thebruce ⌂, Ontario, Canada, Thursday, March 14, 2013, 10:31 (3355 days ago) @ Claude Errera

What's confusing about those two names?

I suspect he's talking about this weirdness:


Yes, that's what I meant-- when someone talks about the default theme, do they mean this one or that one? I still don't know which one is even the actual default, either (or I guess I don't remember).

The first two are the same, right now - if you do not choose a theme, you'll be given the default theme (which happens, right now, to be called 'default'). If you choose a theme OTHER than the default, you can always choose the top choice to be given the default (whatever the default happens to be).

If you choose 'default' (the second choice on that list) and an admin makes a change in the forum settings, and makes 'Web 2.0' the default theme, you will still be using 'default' - because you chose it.

If you choose 'Default (default)' (the first choice on that list), and an admin makes that change, you will be switched to using Web 2.0 - because you asked to use the default theme.

Does this help?

Ack! That's a nightmare to describe!

How about "Standard" as the (currently default) forum theme name and leave "default" to the software hard coded.

Then it would show as (if I understood correctly)
* Default (Standard)
* Standard
* Web 2.0

Much easier to understand at a glance.
(and this coming from a developer who often has to fight to keep even some of the most basic custom UI choices in projects on the basis that many of my company's clients are even more completely computer illiterate o_O)

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