Or… (Destiny)

by Beorn @, <End of Failed Timeline>, Friday, January 09, 2015, 11:13 (2524 days ago) @ RC

Because someone messed up. That's the only explanation.

Or maybe there isn't an issue at all. I play on XB1, 360, and PS4, and I can assure you there's no "input lag" difference between the controllers and the consoles, wired or not.

A more likely explanation for the difference he's feeling is that the 360 and XB1 are hooked into different video inputs on his TV/receiver. Many TVs have different video settings for each input, and the TV may be doing some extra processing for the XB1 input that introduces a few frames of lag.

HDTV input lag with out-of-box settings is a REAL problem for gaming. You often have to tune your settings and/or use a specific input to get as little latency as possible.

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