New issue of Edge Magazine (no scans, promise)

by Spawn ⌂, Sunday, March 17, 2013, 19:37 (2910 days ago) @ Xenos

* I think it was mentioned before, but it is mentioned the social hubs will be third-person.
* In the hubs it says you can engage in "adversarial Faction Wars" for rewards you can use in the campaign.

Still intrigued by these points. I wonder if it's referring to social hubs and "relax" areas and you can bet or compete to win special loot that other players may have unlocked to work with through campaign mode.

Then again, if you're a certain class, perhaps you can only unlock certain materials for your class and you have to "catch 'em all" by trading with other players. I could be very entirely wrong.

Very curious indeed.

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