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by Stephen Laughlin ⌂ @, Long Beach, CA, Wednesday, March 20, 2013, 11:03 (2954 days ago) @ Xenos

* Chris Butcher talking about the matchmaking, even saying two players can "link their consoles" and as they are playing together they come across a "public combat area" and it drops them in seamlessly.

I'm wondering how the networking stuff is going to work exactly.

The way I'm seeing it in my head, there won't be any central server. Destiny will be constantly searching for players with adequate network connections and using them as hosts for a number of players in any particular location. So as you travel through the world, you'll see occasional groups of strangers in your game as the matchmaking works in the background, but if there is no central server I assume you won't necessarily ever see huge clusterfuck gatherings of hundreds of characters in popular areas like in some MMOs.

Maybe the invisible matchmaking will put priority on a player's friends list, or anyone you "link consoles" with to ensure that you will always run into your buddies if you're playing at the same time.

Just thoughts.

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