The DBO Challenge - Week 2: Favorite movies in Paint.

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Welcome back to The DBO Challenge! If you'd like to learn more about this contest (or view last week's entries) check out this thread: Week 1


Week 1 Results

When I decided to make Week 1's challenge a haiku-writing contest, I assumed picking the bonus category winners would be quick and easy. After all, each entry could only be seventeen syllables!


I certainly wasn't expecting 58 participants to send entries my way, many with multiple entries and some with dozens! (I'm looking at you Ragashingo!) That'll be the last time I understimate the denizens of DBO. Choosing just a few winners from among the many, many fantastic poems was truly a daunting task. Still, I promised bonus points and you know me; when I make a promise...

"Best" Serious Haiku: TTL Demag0gue

Robot travelers,
Gears and circuits moved through time.
We are greatly Vexed.

I love the twist on the Vex name. 2 points to Demag0gue!

"Best" Funny Haiku: thebruce

DBO Haiku?
D, E, S, T, I, N, Y!
Now that's poetic.

I laughed. Seventeen clever syllables earn the bruce 2 points!

"Best" Overall: Mr Daax

Be Brave Guardians!
Reclaim our lost Golden Age!
Destiny awaits!

There were a lot of similarly-themed entries, but this one stood out the most to me as a concise, yet descriptive summary that wouldn't look out of place on a Destiny poster. 4 points awarded to Mr Daax!

The other 55 of you each get 1 point just for participating. :)

The Leaderboard

I've updated everyone's point totals on the DBO Challenge Leaderboard, which you can find at this handy URL:


(Please check the leaderboard and let me know - via email - if I made a mistake and didn't award you points.)

Mr Daax is currently in the lead, obviously, but only barely. We have plenty of weeks to go until Destiny's release and tons of points to distribute in the meantime:


Week 2 Challenge: Favorite movies in Paint.

Deadline: 6:00pm EDT on Tuesday, March 26th.

Last week's challenge was a Destiny-themed literary exercise, so this week's will be off-topic and visual. Here are your instructions:

1. Use MS Paint to draw a scene from one of your favorite movies. (If you don't have access to MS Paint, you can use any equivalent, simple art program.)
2. Post your masterpiece as a reply to this post. (Optional: Don't include the name of the movie - let people guess!)
3. Pick someone else's entry and post a reply to it with an MS Paint drawing of a different scene from the same movie.

I'll be out of town most of the week (PAX!!) so there will not be a judging portion of this challenge. Instead, you all have an equal shot of maximizing your point earnings:

Available Points:
1 participation point for posting one of your favorite movies as an MS Paint drawing.
+1 bonus point for posting a drawing in response to somone else's entry.

You can each earn up to 2 points total this week. (Feel free to post as many drawings as you want, however.)

Remember, you don't have to be a talented artist to enter. I fully expect to see crudely drawn lines and cheesy stick figures - it's MS Paint, after all!

This week's entries must be posted (in this thread) by 6:00pm EDT on Tuesday, March 26th. I will then update the leaderboard and post a recap with the Week 3 challenge. Have fun!

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