I like this one more than the normal version. (Destiny)

by Funkmon @, Monday, March 30, 2015, 21:51 (3104 days ago) @ LadyDesiree

I don't hear much of the original song in there at all, and when I do it's in a totally different spot than it was before. It's like a super old school remix. I actually like your version a little better than what's on the album, at least as a standalone piece. I think yours follows an arc of some kind, but the album version doesn't make much sense to me. It just gets intense and quiet, intense and quiet. I imagine that's why you rearranged it the way you did.

Fan music like this was one of my favourite things at HBO years ago. I really liked the reimaginings of the Halo themes, and I like this one for the same reason. Most of those seem to be offline now. Thank goodness I have backed up copies over the years and I can still listen to them.

I would be interested to see what you would do with the Halo 2 announcement trailer music, if you're familiar with it. Would this one be a good candidate for your reworkings? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5Tn3HI3Mqs

Congrats on hitting 32, by the way.

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