I like this one more than the normal version. (Destiny)

by LadyDesiree ⌂, Florida, Tuesday, March 31, 2015, 01:04 (3104 days ago) @ Funkmon

Yes, I feel like the original track is very disjointed, but it contains some of the more familiar themes in Destiny, which are fantastic, so I wanted to arrange it anyway (plus I got a ton of requests!). The short themes work fine for the game, but as a stand alone arrangement, if I had followed exactly what was written, it wouldn't make much sense. So yes, that's why I rearranged it and added in some of my own parts. I was hoping by starting out with that tower doodly-doo part and then working slowly into the choral section and then building into the militant section and then ending with the doodly doo tower again it would be more cohesive. It made me pretty nervous to do this, I hate to rework something that is originally so well done, but I hope the Destiny fans out there enjoy it anyway :)

Thank you for your comments. That Halo 2 music is fantastic. I started playing Halo with Halo 3, so I wasn't familiar with that Halo piece but it is REALLY good. My hope is to get out a Destiny track once a week, or once every other week, and work in other video game arrangements in between. I get a lot of request for Halo so I'm sure those will make it into the mix.

Thank you again for listening. It really means SO much to me to have people listen and appreciate what I'm doing! :) The process is so fun for me and I get a lot of joy out of knowing that others enjoy the finished products!


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