I don't like his attitude. (Destiny)

by Speedracer513 @, Dallas, Texas, Wednesday, April 22, 2015, 19:07 (3287 days ago) @ Funkmon

Just watching the stream, he just seems like a jerk, and that he was trying really hard to make it his own stream. He injected personality into it, but there are ways to do that without trying to gain control of an entire situation.

Then he posted that HE was MAKING Deej post about commendations in the weekly update? Really guy? What a shit. I hope he is playing a character for that, and I hope too that he learns it doesn't always have to be on.

Obviously, you're entitled to feel however you want about him.... but I watch Gothalion pretty regularly and he isn't a jerk at all. They asked him there precisely to inject some of that personality into the stream, and his post-stream tweet was definitely done in a light-hearted manner that I guarantee Deej enjoyed.

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